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Who is Dave The Drummer?

I am a Santa Cruz based percussionist who currently performs in the San Jose/Santa Cruz area with various groups and projects. In addition to playing drums, I enjoy singing and also producing.


Who does Dave play with right now?     

Saturdays Sunset, The Cohesion, C137 Rhythm Section

Who has Dave played with? 


Stalked By Satellites, The Real Ones, Aria Brown,Muzik Genesis, XYPlane, Snake Skin Boots, Jeff Gardner And The Tools, The Randy Savages, In Time and Space

What is "The Talking Drum"?

It is a YouTube exclusive series of chat sessions I have with various drummers from around the local scene. I felt that it would be a very cool idea to focus on the back bone of the bands that make some great music in the Santa Cruz/San Jose area. The plan currently is to do a solid 12 episodes, 4 of which have already been finished. I was inspired by various DIY programs such as Game Sack, Metal Jesus Rocks and Jon Michael's Rock Box.

What are some interests Dave has outside of music?

I am fanatically devoted to video games. I love playing games but as of late spending a lot of time collecting and hunting for them. I spend a fair amount of time reading, mostly online articles on a wide range of stuff(usually something on Kotaku,puroresu spirit or Big fan of previously mentioned Game Sack and Metal Jesus Rocks, in addition to my endless devotion to Botchamania. Mountain Biking and hiking are always something I am up for, along with Dance Dance Revolution.

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